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Is this month going to have a blue moon?

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I really shouldn't talk politics. I'm old school, I–love–lucy stock where politics and religion are the two subjects you aren't supposed to talk about with friends. Since the ratings are down for normal TV viewing and everyone is glued to their sets wanting to know if Hillary wins Obama in New Hampshire, I'm going to give my 2¢. I'm all for giving a female candidate a chance for the presidency, and Hillary seems about as female as any other emotionally unstable girl there is; plus, she has one characteristic the other 'male' candies don't. She can grow her hair long and get away with. The guys can grow facial hair too, but they don't. Why?

I'll answer, first, why this is so important to me in making my decision for a president. The very first picture I took sporting a goatee made me feel like Cantinflas. This was before the Backstreet boys came to fame and that one tattoo laden performer sported the most ridiculous devil style goatee I've ever seen. But I'm one to talk huh. I use to think it would take a father figure in the white house to help build enough confidence in me to feel comfortable growing a mustache and goatee.

There was my dad who's always had hair on his lip ever since I've known him. But I don't like that look for me. It seems the only people who have any success with hairy, upper lips are Mexicans and police. I wanted a more artistic accent to my look, and this is why I think Hillary is the man for the job. She'll grow her hair any old way and nobody is going to tell her it's too long. If anything, she might be told it's too short. Try to get a hippy dude candidate into the white house and campaigning will take a south of the border effect with the corruption, backstabbing, and crime lord executions that come with it.

We've found a new way to make things go by quicker at work and it's observing tea time at 3pm. If you recall an episode of The office in which certain employees gather to enjoy literary discussion and tea (while wearing funny hats), this is what tea time here in the salt mines should resemble. There's going to be pictures too.

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