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3:10 to Yuma

Med dependent citizens file form 9 as river race winds down
I wasn't too excited about watching this film because I brought home three DVDs tonight. One was Shoot `em up, the other was The Bourne ultimatum both of which I figured would end like a fairytale. Bourne escapes capture yet again and Clive Owen survives despite overwhelming odds. It's been awhile since I've seen a western, and it wasn't something I would normally choose. My logic is, if I won't read a story in a book, I should care less about watching it on the screen. But that's dumb, cuz everybody knows reading sucks and takes forever, so, of course, a western, which would normally take me twice as long to read as anything else, should in fact be watched and never attempted to read. That is, unless you are an ex-con.

I haven't quite mastered the skill of being interesting in my movie reviews without giving away too much. There's a lot of bang! bang! bang! Gotcha. in this film where you'll see squirting blood and painful expressions. Nobody really dies in this film that you really grow to love and care about. The film starts off with an outlaw drawing a picture of a falcon perched on a branch as if it were his own. How odd is that? so, either the outlaw draws really fast sketches to capture the likeness of a bird, or the audience is missing something about the antagonist. He's probably a wealthy entrepreneur living out his dream to live in the wilderness.

The film introduces a somewhat unfortunate rancher who happens to have one peg leg. His story is unfortunate, but throughout the film he still seems to be gradually uplifting himself. Is this a chick flick. Hah! I have yet to see a western chick flick. No. It's not. It is however a loser's flick and I liked it if I do say so myself. I enjoyed it so much more than I would've enjoyed Mat Damon or Clive Owen, that I'm planning to return my DVDs early so I'll have more time to sleep. Nighty-night. Zzzzzzz

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