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Being a funny guy during a writers' strike

I don't know why, but no matter how many times I've made a woman laugh and received compliments on the humorous way I can be "funny", that's never gotten me anywhere near first base in the dating game. In fact, I resent being called funny because however so that word may be used to refer to me beling a lite-hearted, cheerful person, I cannot help but interpret it as "there's something funny about that guy."
5th January, 2008 ©
Today's blanket sin

But if you're anything like me, I'm sure you're asking yourself why David Letterman is allowed to take his writers back to work in an agreement with the WGA that nobody has really heard anything about. Of course, it would be easy for Letterman to say that he`s in favor of relinquishing a percentage of the revenue gained from any digital use of his show's writers material, because I don't think anybody is using their nanos to download latenite episodes.

Instead, I got the impression that David Letterman held the copyrights to the English alphabet as we know it; hence the surname Letterman. Never did I imagine David Letterman as a college all star ball player. One of the reasons I enjoy his show so much more than Jay's is because of the idea that he spends his time at home typesetting his own top ten lists, or weird newspaper ads that always seem to amaze people as to how the typo managed to get by the editor of the newspaper.

It's sad that the statistics taken from a Portfolio article claim that the writers are not the favorites to come out of the strike as winners. See Hollywood Deal by Fred Schnuers. After thinking about the cause of the strike and the deal that Letterman made with WGA to win them over to his side, I'm willing to get my nose hair clippers that this all has something to do with New York city's investment in the Made in NY contract with film producers. It doesn't explain how and why Craig Ferguson's show, based in L.A., was given writer privileges too, but go out and try to figure NBC and, like me, soon you'll be a fledgling psycho.

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