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That was not thunder around noon time

Just as I was about to enter the shower, I heard something sounding like thunder. Actually, it was the thunder that prompted me to wash up. It was lunch time, and I figured, if it's going to rain, I wanna enjoy a good lunch at Quiznos. It was, BTW, my very first time eating there.
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My lunch wasn't planned very well. I decided to wander down movie alley in Glendale, to see if Youth without youth might be playing. I doubt I would've paid to get in if it was playing at any of the the Mann theatres. Sneaking into a theatre showing a worthy film sounded adventuresome, but I couldn't shake the more exciting posibility of sex in a public building.

Since nothing interested me, I walked it off searching and searching for somebody I couldn't find. Oh well. It's not like I don't know I'm psycho. I won't make an effort to be sociable when I see somebody interesting. Either they instigate conversation, or I end up like I did today. It's like being deaf mute because the only form of communication I make is that of placing my order for a classic Italian five inch sub. Even that was challenging because I'm so soft spoken.

Can I have a combo?
A what?
A six inch sandwich.
We don't have that. We only have five inches, ten inches… blah blah blah.
Okay. Give me a five inch
Okay. What kind do you want.
I look at the overhead menu trying to find where their sandwiches are listed, but I just can't make any sense of it.

What do you got?
We have chicken, turkey, ham… blah blah blah.
At this time I find the list of sandwiches

Give me a classic Italian. On wheat.
A what?
A classic Italian!
I get a look from the chef that says 'you don't have to shout'. After he places my sandwich into the oven, I thank him loud enough so he'd hear, but of course, it sounds sarcastic.

like the guy lingering in the back of the library on his laptop, wearing headphones in the library, so that he doesn't hear the "closing" announcement. When I go to tell him that we're closed, I shouldn't have added whether he was planning to sleep there because he retorts "You're being a smart ass."

Glendale has a cafe called "Bad ass cafe" so I guess the word ass is socially acceptable now. We can all probably thank former prez Bill Clinton for that when he answered a question with a question during his impeachment trial.

It depends on what the definition of "ass" is.

Now that I think about it, though. I think it was the "S" word he was asking about.

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