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Bier de Stone


I was asked to be a sponsor for confirmation of one of my nephews. Every once in a while I must participate in meetings at the church (usually on days which are inconvenient). Recently, I phoned an old, old, old, old, old… friend I haven`t seen in years (decades). We`re totally estranged. She goes to this particular church, actually. I stopped calling her, again, for what might be, oh, the rest of my life. I am doomed because I don`t attend mass, nor do I have any ambition to do so for what is probably going to be the rest of my life, unless there`s the prospect of marriage involved, in which case I can make an exception. In all honesty, the whole romance and sunny clear days are over. Humberto Eco said it best in The mysterious flame of Queen Loanna: "Why is the sun turning black?"
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