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Bier de Stone

Benazir Bhouto

I think I have her name spelled correctly. I had no idea she was a target for assassination. That goes to show you how informed I am on politics. How could anybody execute such a beauty?

She must've really broken some hearts to have karma bestow upon her such an awful demise. She was one political savvy bureaucrat that I would've truly enjoyed watching grow old, unlike some of the politicians in this country who must've been beaten with an ugly stick.

This morning I heard that David Letterman struck a deal with the WGA so that he could go back to work with his writers. The strike couldn't have happened at a most opportune moment. The tonight show seems to be effective in summarizing how the elections are going, but Dave is looking more and more like Ed Sullivan. Where's all the cool bands like CRADLE OF FILTH, MY DYING BRIDE, LAMB OF GOD, etc.?

I don't know about you, but since the assassination of Benazir Bhouto, I'm scared. I cannot understand the pointless carnage, especially when such a beautiful icon is the target. Did you see the way her followers just broke down in tears on TV? They must've loved her dearly. And the front page of the local newspaper here in LA had a photo of the aftermath, but I wasn't sure if it was the aftermath of the suicide bomber explosion, or the rioting.

There will be blood seems to be doing good at the box office, though it's currently only playing in one theater house, on two screens. Thinking today would be a slow day, I drove out there at 3pm and they were sold out for both showings. Later, I tried to buy a 7pm ticket on-line, but it was sold out.

I was surprised to see so many patrol cars on the street too. I almost felt as if I were being followed to Petco to pick up a bag of cat food. Either I'm not the only one who is expecting something big as a result of uprising half around the world, but I just learned that a raid on an anarchist show occurred a week ago in East L.A. I knew the mayor was determined to crack down on gangs, but now I'm not so sure it's safe to drive around on the streets. I fear terrorism, gang violence and police corruption. What a way to start out the new year.

Recall when there was such a big deal being made about Y2K in 1999, but nothing happened. Is it really that unbelievable that we might have our years crossed? If the big Y2K commotion everybody was preparing for was equivalent to the 2001 attack, why not just admit we're two years ahead of time? If we are living in the future, then dooms day never was going to occur on June 6, 2006. 8/8/8 is a nice round figure, but what about the Friday 13 conspiracy theory commemorating its 700 year anniversary? 2008 will only have one Friday the 13th and it falls on the month of June, but 2009 will have three of them, February, March and November.


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