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26th December, 2007 ©
Today's blanket sin
When I see articles like Entertainment Weekly's This was the year… the strike set me free, by Jeff Jensen (2007 year-end special), I cheer myself up from the endless stupor I'm always in by realizing that I'm not the only one who thinks the way I do. Considering nobody touches the controversy over the terrorist war, including me, I tend to address more personal random thinking like the results I get from petting dying bees.

I may be wrong about the mascot, but just as killing another human can tie up the responsible law enforcement officer in paper work, I think a member of the endangered species list should be handled just as sternly, or where does the American republican/democrat get off using animals as symbols for their political party? Yes, I too would be singing a different tune if the endangered tiger were eating me. How endangered can that tiger be if that was the case? Why the zoo in San Francisco isn't feeding their cats is anybody's guess. Yesterday I heard Ron Paul say that Americans are going bankrupt because they're borrowing money from China and buying oil from the middle east, which brings me to the three-hour movie There will be blood. I am not going to sit in a theatre for three straight hours just because DDL decided to make a come back during the WGA strikes. NOT. OK, I'll sit for three straight hours because it's DDL, but I won't like it unless I'm in a theatre on a weekday in the city of Glendale.

I'm hard to understand for these reasons. While I can try to explain why I pick up bees crawling on the ground, or prefer to be in Glendale on a work day, it would be easier to just accept the idea that all these things are attributed to my obsession with bananas.

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