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Is it a result of the domino effect?

It doesn't really bother me if I go on record as using words the wrong way in these entries because I honestly don't see myself as every working as a journalist, but I'm sure this article about the Freedom of Information Act might interest a few zinesters/bloggers out there. The question on everybody's mind is whether the writer's strike had any influence on the Sen. Patrick Leahy's (D-VT) decision to author a bill making the government liable for requests left unanswered.

The reforms in the bill make it easier for bloggers and other Internet journalists to make FOIA requests without paying fees, and they strengthen deadlines for agencies to respond to requests.

I can actually see the WGA coming to terms with producers now that some doors are being opened to us wannabe writers. Despite my dark disposition of yearning to watch Ellen hold the Academy Awards without the assistance of union writers, I doubt this strike is going to last that much longer after the Golden Globes.

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