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Well it finally happened that one of the strangest new office tasks at work manages to come full circle. Each month somebody has to tally up the total hours that the place was "open". Since the black out of Monday 12 Sep 2005, most of the branch offices were closed. I know I shouldn`t be complaining (and I get shushed for a lot of shiite). I got paid a full days work. However, while others that day working different shifts put in two hours less that me, we all seem to have gotten paid for a full eight hour day. Can you hear me not complaining?

I`m not one to rock the boat, but apparently whoever takes charge in preparing the calendars for the hours we`re open, and sending them to the managers, we are expected to keep a journal despite the different shifts that somebody may work and therefore leave earlier than regular "open" hours dictate. I mean, if I work 9 to 5, but the place remains opens `til 8, somebody else stays between 5 to 8 (the 12 to 8 shift employee). AND if the place happens to close before 8 on such a day, because power went out or whatever other creative emergency one can think of, I have no way of knowing because I wasn`t there. What did I just say? For those thick individuals, management makes me out to be the fool thinking I`m getting the sweet end of the deal when they`re always making silly rules for the sake of smooth sailing among the crew.

Now back to the fairness issue. Is it a seniority issue, favoritism, or WTF that I have to tolerate an all female work environment where the peeps still ask me "Why so glum?" I swear. I feel like I am turning into a girly-man. It`s not as bad as being left to carry things weighing four to five times my own weight without any assistance other than the watchful eyes of inferior workers telling me "Go a little to your left. OK, now go right. A few steps more." and coming to work the following day, in front of plenty of witnesses I might add — limping the way Ozzy Osbourne did in his show The Osbournes" when he was touring Ozzfest with a bad knee/ankle — and the most I got was a friendly suggestion (from a co-worker) to consider filling out a workman`s comp form.

I say to myself, this is the good life. Don`t complain. At least I don`t have graffiti removal duty anymore. Now, I don`t know if I should be thinking that way in a job where I had to go through city rhetoric to qualify just to interview.

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