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Thursday's biz exchange at HOP

17th December, 2007 ©
Today's blanket sin
Last year, as a result of participating in the office x-mas breakfast, I ended up with a bad case of diarhea. This year, I'm not even scheduled to work on that day, and I'm actually considering going despite the tension between me and one other worker who has recently taken a liking to calling things like fucker, asshole, and ALL those favorites us zombies are restricted from using once we find a steady job.

Here's a neat little site called TMZ, where I discovered some very cool zombies straight outa Hollyweird.

So, like I said, the tension level at the salt mines are so intense, I can't be sure whether I'll be left standing on Vermont in front of the House of Pies waiting for the peeps to show. It's so bad, IMO, that I'm about ready to start drinking again just so I can bring a small bottle of rum to spike the coffee with, or whatever people use to make a normal coffee into an Irish coffee. I gotta visit soon.


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