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On Sept. 11, 2001 that long time insistence on plausible deniability went out the window.

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This line reminded me of the film FAY GRIM when Fay is speaking to the FBI and her son comes downstairs to see what's for lunch. He explains to his mom what the FBI are trying to do by using her as bait to catch Henry.

Despite all the talk of outsourced torture, the Bush administration's real innovation has been its in-sourcing, with prisoners being tortured by U.S. citizens in US-run prisons or directly transported, through "extraordinary rendition," to third countries on US planes. That is what makes the Bush regime different: after tyhe attacks of September 11, it dared to demand the right to torture without shame.

One word, poverty.

Human rights groups point out that Guantanamo, horrifying as it is, is actually the best of the US-run offshore interrogation operations since it is open to limited monitoring by Red Cross and lawyers. Unknown numbers of prisoners have disappeared into the network of so-called blank sites around the world or been shipped by US agents to foreign-run jails through extraordinary rendition.

The problem, obvious in retrospect, was the premise on which his entire theory rested: the idea that before healing can happen everythhing that existed before needs to be wiped out. Cameron was sure that if he blasted away at the habits, patterns and memories of his patients, he would eventually arrive at that pristine blank slate. But no matter how doggedly he shaked, drugged, and disoriented, he never got there; the opposite proved true: the more he blasted, the more shattered his patients became. Their minds weren't "clean"; rather, they were a mess, their memories fractured, their trust betrayed.

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This paragraph was my fav. It contains a word I've never used before, "pristine". I like that word. Also, it explains something about society (at least my world) and how I came to be so distrustful of my fellow brother. Fractured is another cool word. It sounds like fraktur.

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