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My dumb printer pulled a fast one. The other day I decided to print all 120 pages of my screenplay. The printer stopped cold at page 68 and never continued to finish the job. Silly me thought if I restart the job, the printer would print from where it left off. That wasn`t the case. Silly me also forgot to number the pages.

Also, one of the telephone jacks in the house isn`t letting my TiVo connect. There`s nothing wrong with the Tivo according to DirectV`s tech, but the telephone company came and couldn`t figure out why the outlet doesn`t work with it when other jacks in the house are OK and the telephone gets a dial tone on the jack in question. Here`s my opinion, in case anybody`s interested, the radio towers a few blocks away reek havoc on the reception of the lines around here without some sort of noise filter. The lines that seem to work with my TiVo are the lines which have a filter on them. The SBC (Souther Bell Company) Tech is coming back again to run new wires into the jack. He says the jack wasn`t standard SBC issue anyway. Oh yeah, that was when the telephone company was still called MaBell, or PacBell.

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