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While established musicians write books, Acrassicauda makes music

© 30th November, 2007
blanket sin
Accepting donations web site solicits anything you can give for a heavy metal cause. There is a web site, but I suspect it froze up my Camino browser. You'll find more information on this Iraqi band at if you love new music.

I'm going to bring up something really medieval now (as Julz likes to refer to my totally tangential outbursts). It concerns profiteering, so in my eyes, it's all relative. There's a story in me trying to get out and it's about war time activities. Thank goodness this country is so well protected from invasions and guerilla activity. I don't know what it is about it, but it seems to me that dating is a lot easier when a country is involved in war factions.


Itzhak, I need a secretary.


Yes Herr Schindler. May I make a recommendation?


No. I need somebody with the measurements 36-26-34.


Sir? Measurement?


How long have you known me Itzhak? Get me the most attractive catholic girls not yet married.

Nothing compares with heartache like a relationship with a woman during a war. It's the element of interracial relationships that war's help to preserve. If anybody can describe it, it is a band like Acrassicauda.

Meanwhile, you might be interested in a book called The heroin diaries: a year in the life of a shattered rock star.

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