Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Tempus Sans ITC

I decided to change my entry font to "Tempus Sans ITC" which I think looks really cool. Remember the old comic strip Tumbleweeds? That was one of my favs and I recall how sad I got when, from one day to the next, the lettering format for this comic strip changed from a pick up sticks style to a computer printer, sans-serif style font. Anywho, this Tempus Sans font reminds me of those days.

This change will only effect PC computer users BTW. 'puters that have a typewriter font will still display this blog in screenplay format. Well, I'm still working on getting this blog to look like a screenplay. Oh yes, I also removed justify for my ¶ entries because I didn't likek the way fixed width text seemed to contain huge gaps in space to accommodate for flush right indention.


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