Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

New drafting table

It took a brand new, used, drafting table to get me to sit my ass down and start to focus on really do something about my poor penmanship. Ironically, this sample of the my attempt at gothic cursive was done at a regular desk with a slab of wood functioning as a writing "drawing" board. I know that doesn't mean that I'll be producing a lot better stuff once I spend some time behind the drafting table. What it means is I am only seeing the positive, black space and the sample I'm copying from seems to have very carefully estimated negative "white" space. I'm not looking forward to working on that, that's for sure.

This was yet another test. It seems that I contribute more to my blog when I'm just rambling text to see how things fall into place. I had planned a day of catch-up today. You know, cleaning, gardening, fitness, reading, and practice, practice, practice; all while I transfer some TiVo shows to disc. I literally have to have the TV running on what I'm uploading, so I'm basically restricted to doing only productive things this weekend. No vegetating behind the TV set, unless it's for burning, for me.


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