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Ever since I tried sketching out a picture of Hillary's big ass, things have gone terribly wrong. For one thing, I should've colored the VW beetle the same color as her suit (actually, vice-a-versa). Nobody in their right mind would put together a color combination of lite blue pants with a dark suit jacket. Anyway, my father was involved in a traffic accident. He was struck by a moving vehicle and his leg was fractured. My paranoia being what it is, I cannot help but to mention this:

Two cartoonists who depicted Spain's crown prince having sex with his wife and joking it was the closest thing to real work he had ever done were convincted Tuesday of insulting the heir to the throne.
"INSULTING CARICATURE": 3.000 euro fine for the cartoonists of “El Jueves” magazine - 1

Having said that, you'd have to wonder whether I have all my marbles. I worked for a short period under the supervision of a Nazi minded librarian and every time I see Hillary's picture on TV, guess who I'm thinking of? I've actually heard about the number of Americans who feel the same way about Hillary that I feel about the most notorious, tall-tale dictator of a librarian I've ever had to work for in my tenure. Incidentally, Los Feliz Branch sucks too!

My mind wanders in the area of sneaky politics where backstabbing and fabrication is acceptable. Why else would it cost so much money to run for president? Of course, the sneakiness that takes place can never be traced back to any of the candidates because there're so many contributors paying big money going to various processing stages of the campaign trail, that the whole racket smells of Silas "the albino" monk's mission to bring to fruition his caretaker's goal of leading the priory of sion Opus Dei to uncertain victory.

When you find yourself standing in line at the polls, think slavezombie. SLAVEZOMBIE for prez. Remember: coffee and zombie rhyme together just as slaving on fuel of endosperm can be deadly surprising.


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