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What's love got to do with it?

I've never yearned for winter so bad. Since August, I've been telling myself that in January or February, something good will come out in theaters. Now with the writer's strike, I don't even watch The office anymore. (click for illustration)

The release of Francis Ford Coppola's newest film Youth without youth was released in Italy last month. See IMDB, but who knows… The plot sounds very intriguing, according to Rebecca Winters Keegan, of Time magazine, in her article in the Nov. 19 issue wherein she describes Coppola as finding some inspiration in the Megalopolis project, quoting him describing the feeling of being in love with a woman who doesn't want you back as an analogy of the years he's spent trying to perfect it. What touches me is the way he examines a person in love with something he cannot have, a woman who rejects him, subsequently causing the man to fail in finding companionship. A death spiral to his spirit to live life.

The new film is from a book written by Eliade. Incidentally, a book which was brought as inspiration to the director from a friend who happened to have given him his first kiss. That this director should decide to film the story in the author's native Romania makes me wonder whether Youth without youth is some sort of sympathetic version of the life of Count Vlad, the Impaler. Is it because I yearn to write my own screenplay about just such a tragic love romance that I was swept in after reading the story plot in Sony's official site? Not very pleased with Sony after the Da Vinci Code plagiarism suit, or Sony's decision to protect their line of music CDs by encrypting viruses in them, the user comment on IMDB doesn't seem very positive either.

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