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Chicken cheques

I can do this, I can do this, I said to myself. I`m gonna clear my desk and make myself a note finder in the shape of a spin-wheel. Just lemme go to the bank and clear somethin out. I`ve had a BofA acct for two years now and haven`t yet requested personal check booklets as I haven`t used up the blank complementary checks yet. AND, I was waiting to build up the nerve to go in and request an A.K.A. so that, when I get my checks, the name above the address would read my real name as well as my a.k.a.

But NOOOOOOOooooooooo. The manager said I need to show legal docs. In the meantime, they`re scrutenizing their comp and showing I already have an A.K.A. [spaniardized/mexicanized] and when I inform them I didn`t show any legal docs when I opened the account, they said "Oh. Well, I don`t know who opened the acct for ya, but it was an error". So, I sit there for an hour while the 'new accts' clerk chats with the legal dept and makes a decision to remove the current a.k.a. altogether. I went ahead and ordered new checks with whatever fuckin name they wanna put on them (possibly asshole ) and will await to see what the grade of paper BofA uses for their standard checks. Then I`ll make a decision on what I`ll do for direct deposit.
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