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In order to conserve paper, I just kept flipping the paper over so the printer would print a bar code per sheet in a different place on a single page. BTW, I've never really looked at the design of the public library's membership card; it's like a hologram.

I don't know why this is important. I don't care that my sheet of bar codes now looks like a swastika. It wasn't my intention. It makes me wonder about where the country is headed if a thoughtless printer like my Epson 880 sends these kind of subliminal messages.

At least I haven't been so distracted as to make an attempt to locate where in LA I saw, on the news, an aerial photo, compliments of Google, of a Naval facility possessing characteristics of a swastika in its architecture structure. We know already that the concept behind this glyph is a cross, as in a holy cross like St. Andrew's cross, but as you can see, the cross-hairs are missing. Obviously it is a subconscious feeling that makes me see this for what it symbolizes—the battle between church and State. Just as I might predict Mitt Romney will throw the race for a hefty pay-off (who wouldn't?), the republicans will reign yet four moore years. The published historical volumes by the Vatican will never see a printing press because it will reprint only by the vicarious interests of organizations eager to interpret the documents themselves.

It might sound like rambling, and since I don't have a clue what such a new medieval compilation might look like, I cannot really prove that the eventuality of hairline loops in text can be such an important feature so as to establish an archaic mannerism guided by language differences skewing the comprehension of paragraphs, sentence, word, and letter. I see the way educated, high profile people manipulate media by using rhetorical expressions nobody can bind them with all of the time. Take the sentence in the ¶ above "it wasn't my intention" and tell me that doesn't sound like I said "it was my intention" only because the contraction of 'was' & 'not' seem to blend into the 'M' in the next word "my".

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