Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Still no sun in LA

I've been awake since 6a which is unusual on a day I have off from work. Aside from my morning coffee, I've been on my computer troubleshooting a Thunderbird crash. If you sent me eMail, I probably lost it. Drats! Everything seems to be functioning normally (i guess) now. As I finally built enough courage to just copy my laptop version of the pref.js file to the desktop `puter, I learned that I double tasked. I learned that I might be able to edit the text in that prefs file to finally alphabetize the usenet groups I never use, and how to send or post an entry by text message or eMail. I still don't know, however, whether I can reply to replies on entries with my eMail software. That would be cool. Oh yeah, I also learned I have an dedicated lj eMail address at Woot!

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