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What is to become of Big love?

Hollywood writers strike as talks fail
by RV & Claudia Eller, LA Times, 5 Nov. 2007, Headlines
No mention of of Big love in this article

Networks look for possible upsides
by MG, 5 Nov. 2007, §C1
No mention of how the strike may or may not impact news reporters who aren't already covered by other unions. Some analysis of the ranking of major networks shown in a graph. NBC may profit by a strike.

Ganger movie shoots to No.1
by JF, 5 Nov. 2007, §C1
This seems like a movie that would be aired on Channel 13 when it gets old. I really liked Inside man which seemed like a remake of Dog day afternoon. It was neat seeing just how much things have changed in terms of bank robbery etiquette.

The pain of a lost memory
by N`Gai Croal, Newsweek, 5 Nov. 2007 p.69
This short article just caught my attention because I'm a computer geek.

I'm going to look at this writers' strike positively. I will use the next several months to get some reading done. I'll break from reading in January when I anticipate An American crime will get it's limited release, either in theaters or on cable.

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