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If you thought being dyslexic was reason enough to decide the pursuit of a professional career would most likely be a wasted investment… keep reading this.
I wonder sometimes how a web site with important info could say one thing one minute, and something totally different the next. I do that to this here blog when I wake up the next day to re-read an entry and correct minor typos, mispelled words and mistakes in grammar. NOW, keep this idea in mind but imagine the same game played by the big boys.

Ellen Degeneres is not my fav performer, but I didn't have a problem with her breakdown on TV asking her fans to support her decision to give away her newly bought puppy. It's when I heard one of those talk radio shows airing the calls that Marina Baktis has been receiving which sound like death threats. It was either Peter Tilden or McIntyre in the morning whom happened to air Ellen's publicist saying on the telephone to Marina either last night or early this morning the following:


We are filing a legal case against you. We're going to go to the media and this is not going to be good for your store or your organization.

Notice that the link for the Tampa Bay blog "Juice" snips part of the dialog for Kelly Bush, the publicist, out because when I heard the genuine recording on the radio, the radio talk show host tactfully cut off sound at precisely the moment the publicist uses her corporate leverage to threaten Marina's business. Check out these other blog sites on the subject. If it wasn't so busy, I would've gotten this entry in hours ago. Unfortunately, I'm located right smack in the center of mainstream hackers who get their kicks zapping my 'puter with something that froze my Firefox browser so that all these tabs were inaccessible until I forced quit. I thought it would be funny to see what the google/icerocket results popped up with KW search degeneres iggy publicist "death threats"

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