Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Bablyon Fields

A zombie come back in the form of a TV serial? To enjoy this prospective new series in it's full glory, one should not bathe for three or four days prior to airing time to get the full effect of the stench of rotting flesh. If a show about zombie love ever gets the thumbs up, perhaps a new line of plug-it-in room deoderizer scents will flower as an addition to your entertainment center.

It's about time somebody realized that the make-up applications of main character roles on prime time TV which cover blemishes and pimples just weren't believable. Even the masculinity of male leading actors seemed to be feminized a bit despite such macho actors sporting a burly 5 o`clock shadow. Finally, a show that reveals real men in all their body oder and imperfections may or may not air on CBS for your CP enjoyment.

CBS' Zombie Love

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