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While the undergound publishing market is slowly being repressed by the major networks' concern over protecting the copyrights of their writers, bloggers and zinesters may appear to be merging their expertise to combat how news sites limit the manipulation of their sources. When General Petaeus† was trying to speak during the senate hearings back in September, when reporters were emphasizing the faulty microphones which were cutting in and out, I remember distinctly hearing, during Gen. David Petraeus' address, sound effects like bombs and heavy artillery fire. I'll have this uploaded some day on my youtube account.

Listen to the sound quality during the LAPD's final report concerning the protesters whom marching at McArthur Park in May had been trampled and shot at by law enforcement. If you'd seen the captured video of that day, you would've seen exactly how this society treats reporters, in that LAPD bludgeoned cameramen as well as the swarms without hesitation. About the hearings, somebody needed to tell the citizens speaking there to push the microphone back about a yard and yell their complaints.

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