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Nerds: Marcom package designers

Here in the salt mines, Julz is always calling me names. During scrabble, when I win, she'll say I'm a nerd; and when she has a question, she'll call on me to see if the geek can find the answer on the Internet. How sad. But during the course of taking on a new assignment, I realized that I'm nowhere near as adept in package design. I recently purchased a box of Häagen dazs ice cream, and the box it came in was one of those crazy mechanical boxes that can be flattened out when not in use, and opened up when needed. I thought pure genius, the guy who invented the design of a box that can be stored as a flat piece of carton and opened when needed.

So who invented the new DVD self locking cases that can be found in your local library? I borrowed a disc (for a music CD) and when I was done playing it, the case had rolled underneath the passenger seat to one side. I grabbed it during a stop light and discovered that the case was locked. I couldn't put the disc back into its original casing.

Out of curiosity, I started to slap the case against my hand to see if the locking mechanism would slide to the open position. It took a few poundings but it miraculously opened, which means the security of the device sucks. So, who was it that invented the new DVD self locking security cases? Um, hold on. I'll find out.

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