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Finally, I watched the film A very long engagement, and my friend was right to question how the ending ended. Does he or doesn`t he remember her? Probably the saddest film I`ve seen in awhile, having been on a Closer kick not too long ago, I`m beginning to wonder whether I didn`t rush into buying that DVD. I don`t really care whether Closer happened to have been a play adopted into film and that the ending is very different. I wanna know more about A very long engagement. Leave it to a French director to exceed the expectations of romantic movie fans. All thru the film, I couldn`t help but thinking, 'Gosh, it would be nice if this film was dubbed in English so I wouldn`t have to rush thru the subtitles'.

I have a new inspiration for writing my screenplay of a guy whose death scene involves drawing a large happy face on the pavement (big enough to see from the sky) with his own blood just before expiring. He was a HEAVYMETAL poser who adopted this headbanger lifestyle by constantly bumping his head accidentally and violently (Rocky). I only have one question. How does a person distinguish HEAVYMETAL from GOTHIC METAL? My theory is the death factor. Where a METAL fan may suffer a careless image of demise, he still wants to live. I get this impression from the steady drum beat that carries the song thru to the end.

On the other hand, if a person died of natural causes while listening to GOTHIC METAL, that song would have served it`s purpose. GOTH is dark and deathlike and despite it`s similarities in grunginess to HEAVYMETAL, there doesn`t seem to be a drum beat that one`s heart can follow for the duration of the melody. Somebody please correct me. I can`t go thru life thinking this way!!
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