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I don't need no stinking freedom

There is always a time when I decide bathing is pointless since my day will probably be spent around the house handling some of the routine cleaning jobs that fill my weekends. On days like that, I'll break to sit at my computer and retrieve eMail or just chill for awhile. Then I get a whiff of myself, which is expected since my arm pits are positioned so close to my head where my nose is, and I literally stop whatever I'm point. Pointless indeed. I can't really describe the smell, but in an article called Does he stink? Depends on your genes, I learn that my scent is classified as one of two common odors. I suppose if I smelled like vanilla, I might just chuck it off as a craving for ice cream or flavored coffee. I don't know what this scientific discovery proves, and as much as it interests me, a fear settles in as to how technical the published report my seem when I get my hands on the Nature journal.

Scientists seem to compare humans with animals all the time and in this case, the comparison addresses the animal kingdom's sense of smell in detecting social and sexual arousal. Good luck to the kooky scientists taking air samples at bunny ranches and fitness centers. I think an experiment like this is bound to cause some crazy with sexual assault charges to claim that the woman he was raping smelled like she wanted it.

Another story I heard on the radio this morning involved a trigger happy officer re-enacting a role from Logan's Run, using his hi-tech zapper taser. See


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