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Huffington vs. Amanpour

Since I saw her interview on the Henry Rollins show, I've been meaning to do a search for her blog. She is supportive of blogging and her ideals are very encouraging for wannabe bloggers like myself. I don't consider myself a blogger because I'm not happy with my css know-how and my idea of creative writing is something that should be devoted toward an end product, like a screenplay. That is what catches my interest anyway, and one of the things I spend my time on–line doing is scouring the Internet for news about my favorite entertainers. One of my numerous interests in movies is director Hal Hartley. One of the reasons I'm keeping tabs on his career is that the last film I saw, Fay Grim, ended in manner that leaves room for a sequel, and in my ventures soliciting the message boards on, I've been learning that others feel that a sequel is in order too. Ironically, I'm able to kill two stones with one bird. I'll share with you a review of the films if you still don't believe my positive review that they're must sees, while I make an effort to obtain Steven Okazaki's White light black rain. I'm anxious to see if we Americans truly are soft and how I manage to get thru it.

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