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Cheap oven

I really enjoy it when a completely naive teen, and even an adult in his/her early twenties, occasionally makes a fuss about the smallest thing. They may say something like, "why do I need to pay a fine if I return a library book after the due date?" It's a horrible situation trying to convince people that the fine which is incurred to "slow readers" who don't return their material in a timely manner is really nothing in comparison to what they would be paying for a book at a bookstore. Why does it sound reasonable to me that, if ten books at ten cents per day late comes out to $1.00, if such materials are only one day late, is a bargain when considering how much it would cost for the same ten books obtained at a bookstore?

There's also peeps who've said that they are tax payers and therefore, they can tell me how to do my job. Example: "If the computer is showing that I checked out so many books and they're costing this much, print me a break down of each book title plus the amount they are costing me." I usually hand these people a slip of paper and and a pencil and proceed to read out the titles to them. I would gladly do them the favor of printing it, but the dot matrix printer at the counter that I station doesn't have that capability. Also, they wouldn't understand how to read my chicken scratch if I put pen to paper.

Today, my lunch was foiled as something has happened to the oven in the break room. I had to throw out an entire pizza because it was just not cooking thoroughly. It has been planned that I would bring pizza to the b-day celebration next week, but I guess if the oven isn't repaired by then, I luck out. I have only started using the oven for a few months. I can't imagine how I might've damaged it, though I had seen a cookie tray placed directly on top of the heating coils once. I don't know if that might have something to do with it. It is an electric oven, so you'd think that those heating coils are delicate to the touch. I dunno.


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