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Whenever I sit at my desk to use my computer, I rest my wrist on the mouse pad (wrist support) and ants crawl onto my hand. I don`t see where they`re coming from and I`m too lazy to clear up all the clutter. It would be nice to have a clear desk for once, like you see in magazines for architectural ideas and/or ads for office supplies. It never lasts with me. PC desks are meant to look business-like with all the buried junk that only one person knows what all`s going on there.

Usually, when one has an ant problem, there`s a trail to follow for the entry poing. Since I rarely eat at my desk, I have no clue what they want. And they manage to crawl onto me one at a time, once per day, or maybe twice but with a considerable span of time between their embarkment to uncertain death. Now, when my wrist tickles, either from a long sleeve shirt rubbing the wrong way, my cat, bracelets, watches, even tickly neck sensations from chains, collars, etc. I look to inspect where the ant is going.

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