Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Last week's heat wave

mf… All I think about is myself. I feel like that neglectful woman, Brenda Nesselroad–Slaby, who leaves her infant child in her SUV for eight hours. Last weekend had temperatures so high, they ranged in the 3-digit category in the "sun room" where I had a 5-gallon fish tank with five neon type fishies. Of course, to escape the heatwave myself, I just went to a movie each day I didn't have to be at work where the air conditioner is set for 72°. If I didn't have it in my thick head that this "sun room" would be ideal to get them breeding, this wouldn't have happened. I have another 10-gallon tank with Malasian guppies that just won't stop breeding. The neon fishies were undetectable as far as who's female and who's male, whereas the Malasian guppies are quite obvious. If I ever became a daddy, I swear, I would suck at it.

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