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Is it a religion thing, or is it because I grew thinking that I could write a movie by logging my dreams and nightmares in a journal? Every time I see a Dreamworks film, I feel so cheap. I tell myself, I should've known better when I saw the little boy fishing from the crest of the moon. Anyway, what's done is done. Now I get to bag on the film Disturbia. This film is exceptionally obvious in the directors attempt to utilize background/suspense music to strengthen the scenes climax. When somebody dies, a violin plays, when somebody feels horny, sesame street type jingles are played. This being a movie where a teen is the main character, that melody fits. Normally, when I watch a film wherein a teen holds the main role, I think sex, drugs and r&r. This movie is the exception for nerdy type teens, I guess.

So here's the 1 million dollar question. What background music would you put to the cartoon I've just drawn?

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