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What I thought might be the date to watch for the latest CK film, AN AMERICAN CRIME, turned out to be nothing but Jodie Foster interviews for a movie with similar conviction and, of course, Halloween which I saw this weekend, Death sentence, which I saw this weekend, and Death at a funeral which I saw today. Since Friday, I've been wanting to blog about the new cheetos ads I've been seeing around L.A., but I don't want to get political, and my blood was steaming when I saw the connection of the name of the cheesy snack with the zodiac sign of a scorpio, the late Theresa Duncan's astrological sign.

I was doodling pictures at work, but since I can't draw worth a damn, I didn't upload anything. I was thinking of the relationships in love people have whom happen to be a scorpio/cancer match. Then I recall the age difference of 15 years between two people who are in love. I won't even try to pretend that I'm not upset of the cheesiness I have of talking about the tragedy here in my blog, but I've had a side ache for three weeks now and I haven't even been jogging at the park for years.

I first saw Death sentence. This is a film that only shows the protagonist of a man living the American dream. He has a perfect wife, perfect kids and despite the challenging disaster he must face as a result of having flashed his headlights at wrong oncoming traffic, either I missed in the first couple minutes of the film what it was that justifies the death of his son, or I'm fixated on what it is he ever did wrong in his own life that should bring such horrible events to his life. I like to believe in karma and everything people do comes back to them (possibly twice as bad).

The film is bloody, make no mistake. The special effect of bloodiness is quite an improvement since the 70's, and I emphasize that that's mostly the only thing that I'm thinking of whenever I see such violence in adventure films. Is this really an adventure film though? How many stuffy shirt do you know who live a dull, boring life and yearn for action such as shooting up the bad boys responsible for tagging this property. I know I do. Shoot `em up! I can't stand drug dealers, club rats, sex fiends, gang bangers. Of course, if I had been able to partake in a little of the action, maybe I would have a different perspective on the people who bring us pot at reasonable prices, cunt at a discount, and all around brotherly love at the admission of what makes us losers as one confides in another for advice and acceptance.

Halloween said it better though. It's a story of a loser with so little conscious that killing only provides an outlet for the deprivation of sex. However, even Michael has a soft spot for babies and children. What is the message here? Without revealing too much of the movie to cause this to spoil it for you, a key scene shows Michael's baby sister as an infant crying emphatically. The end of the film symbolizes this by the same screaming sister years later as a teen. What's the message? The people don't want to watch a movie about a woman who kills children

That one I saw yesterday, but today I was undecided between The Simpsons or Death at a funeral. Of the three films, I think I enjoyed the latter the most. Death at a funeral made me laugh at humor I could not help but compare with another imported film. The English humor of Hot fuzz went over my head so high, that Ewen Bremner entry into the scene was a sight for soar eyes as I recalled a role he held in Trainspotting, a movie I thought was twice as good. I don't even remember how the hell Hot fuzz ended because I fell into the drunken stupor so bad, that I think I've sworn off liquor for the rest of my life. With all the depression of the loss of a friend, the story plots of the two previous films, and this awful side ache I'm suffering from—I swear, sometimes I think I know how David Letterman must feel—Death at a funeral was the perfect fix. This is a movie to own, IMO. It contains situations I can relate to as certain chemical experimentation in my growing up phases entailed similar euphoric sensations. I felt that I should be with pad and pen taking notes at the formula for successful screenwriting, but the laughter of the full house at the Arclight theatre just took my mind off this frame of mind. I enjoyed listening to the rest of the audience enjoying themselves. One guy in particular had the funniest laugh. Hopefully, when you see the film, you too will have a snorting, cackling laugher as I did.

In returning to the real world, I read in the newspaper today that Iran will have nuclear weapons in one year. You know election year is going to bring up the question whether an invasion is wise, while at the same time, the question of deploying US troops will be on the candidates minds. With a curriculum like this for the electoral college, I think the best person for the job of representing the American people is Freddy Rodriguez. What are distributors, theaters, advertisers waiting for in their interest to release a film about child abuse? Why, indeed.


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