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The witching hour

How many people woke up last night to lightening? Normally, I would ask how many people were awaken to the sound of thunder, but last night there was no thunder. So I ask myself, what was it that woke me up in the middle of the night? Am I getting old? I rarely need to visit the bathroom at 3:00am, but last night I must've been sleep walking. My eyes were heavy and hard to keep open.

As I walk into the bathroom, I think I remember leaving the light off and getting by with the light of the moon. With my eyes closed, only peeping them long enough to play the roll of blindman's bluff, I sense flashes of light through my eyelids. What's the first thing that goes through my mind is a flash from a camera. Just yesterday, or the day before, during the 5 o`clock news, I recall seeing a commercial with Ana Garcia plugging her investigative report on "spying"? I dunno, but a small black camera was part of the ad with her dialog referring to something like unfair retail practices. God, even in my sleep I am thinking of Ana.

When I logically conclude that there's no way in hell anybody was able to place a spy camera in my restroom that uses a flash for each exposure, I listen intently for thunder. No thunder. So, I'm back to the paranoia train of thought about somebody standing outside my bathroom window taking a picture of me. When I return to my bed, I try to keep my eyes open but fail, I'm so tired. Then, there it is again. So I'm counting mississippis. One thousand one, one thousand two, etc. I can vaguely hear the slightest sound of grumbling at about 15 seconds after the flash. Fascinated, I listen for raindrops. None. Eventually, I manage to catch the glimpse of real live lightening, but the thunder indicates that it's about twenty miles away. Sad.

So, did anybody catch the thunderstorm?


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