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Meetings at cafés

The last time I had a somewhat flirtatious conversation with a totally attractive stranger was when I arrived early to see a play and had time to kill. I crossed the street to a small hole in the wall and had a cup of coffee. As we talked at the bar, a woman from Slovakia, if my memory is correct, asked me why I looked so angry.

I've been spending the last couple days finding my way around a new site that is all the craze for dating. It's a free site, but you literally have to do all the work of finding your ideal mate. So far, out of 19 messages I've sent through the plentyoffish dating site, one was replied with a "no thank you". This web site really brings back the days of my job hunting phase when I would receive reject letters from 10% of resume inquiries, and 2% of interviews.

I guess it's to be expected. I never held much confidence in virtual dating. I think it's impersonal, blunt, and awkward. I don't mind so much admitting that I can't find dates so I'm the loser boy who has to fall back on such dating services. From the 19 messages I've sent out to 19 different girls, only one of those woman do I find truly compatible (though I haven't met her). She isn't the most sexiest plentyoffish user of my list of 19, but she is what I want, and when I think of going back to log myself in to check for responses, hits, whatever… I'm only really interested in finding messages from her. You might think, "Oh, this woman must be like a Claudia Schiffer or Kate Moss". The answer is no. I spend my time searching for Ana Garcia look-a-likes, if you must know.

I did receive a message from somebody saying they're interested in me. However, their user account doesn't have a photo for me to look at. Instead, I am impelled to write to their eMail and request a photo to be sent in reply. Just this morning I created a dedicated eMail account for my German friend, Petra, to see if she could forward some MP3 files from a band called RHAPSODY OF FIRE. Since it didn't work, I guess I'll use that account for this little rendezvous with my secret admirer. I can't think of the underground web sites people are using to trade media files these days, but I'm so computer illiterate, I'd probably have the worst time trying to set it up.


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