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Sexy librarians

When you get free, would you mind doing this or that? There's no hurry, honest. I'm just gonna sit up here and watch while you go about your business. There's bound to be a gap wherein you can break from your fan club to exchange some loose change for me. As luck would have it, I seem to bring an uncomfortable aura to one or two of my co-workers as I only asked for a favor to which their reply was Okeedokey. But the strange part was this, there was no chance to do this because my co-worker appeared so busy and multi-tasking that she saw fit to place others on hold while I got my favor taken care of.

I figured it was worth a shot, since earlier she seemed to have had so much spare time that she saw a need to enter the workroom where I was at my desk just to say that, in place for a kiss, I'm gonna sock your arm because you managed to find a way to stop the keyboard from sliding on the pull out tray. I figure, since I'm still feeling some organ discomfort (today smack on the right side where my liver resides) a punch in the arm is something I can do without. "I'll pass, but can you take all this loose change and give me the some currency in exchange?" was my question.

How quickly my co-workers forget their appreciation for my genius. Or, is there always an alternate motive for the remarks that I deem unnecessary? I dunno, but I'm feeling so depressed because this morning I ran out of my house for work and decided I would access the NYTimes article about librarian blogs which I just managed to catch as a WIT OF THE STAIRCASE entry bud hadn't had time to access the article from home. I totally forgot to do this, and this evening, when I return to WIT OF THE STAIRCASE, I find that my fav blog writer has died. Is this a sick joke? Is it?! What the hell kind of a sick joke is this? We all know how this could be a joke seeing as bloggers and zinesters don't get the recognition they deserve. A prank of this nature may increase their visits. Who do I send flowers to?


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