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RIP Theresa

I've just heard the news that the creator of typepad's WIT OF THE STAIRCASE has passed on†. A little late, I know, but I was an avid reader of Theresa Duncan's blog and I am saddened by this terrible development. It is truly a waste of talent and I hope that her readers are allowed to go back and read some of her entries which may have escaped them as a result of the daily harangue life's emperitive tasks bestow upon lazy readers like myself. If there were ever cause for a hard copy publication of a diary, her thoughts and wisdom would be it. Because it was the photos accompanying her entries that made browsing her blog so welcoming, I always blanked fascinated of her sources for great footage. Truly, a woman of this magnitude is destined to a better place. I don't care what the coronor claims to be the cause, God bless her and her family. Her life is one for the history books.

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