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Zombie dog
How does anybody become this kind of monster who allows his pet to undergo such brutal abuse? Unless you are prepared to see the gory details of a beat pit bull, don't click the hot link to the vertical embedded image of Gypsy. She seems to have lost her right leg too. Despite the photos being taken after she was clean up, sutured up, dressed wounds, etc. it's left her horribly disfigured. Luckily dogs don't posses vanity to make them want death instead of a scarred life.

On the other hand, here's a "cute" picture of a very happy dog from a site I visit everyday for it's whimsical pictures and clever wit. All that I hear on the news lately is how everybody is focused on Michael Vick. I'm also awaiting news on the Phil Spector trial, as well as awaiting word on the possible limited release of a movie I've been waiting to see since the film Capote was released in theatres. I thought I was cruel for not bathing Copper, a cocker spaniel with a blond fur coat, but now I feel so much more humane. I haven't had time to watch the 6 o`clock news for the past couple of days, but caught up on local happenings this morning while I walked a couple miles on the treadmill. I don't know how a news reporter can deliver the news about how angry people find ways to release their anger on their pets without shedding a tear themselves.

Now I'm trying to remember where I saw a blog about all the violence on TV and how movie makers like to compare humans as animals, or some such thing. I'm going through all my web browsers now, checking the history for the last couple of days in search for that. I said to myself I would bookmark all these discovered new sites I stumble upon either here, on lj, or something else like and, but I swear, at the time that I'm stumbling, the site doesn't really seem all that much worthy for bookmarking.


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