Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Ergonomic keyboards

Are they overrated? Is it the wideness of my build that makes me feel that the invention of the ergonomic keyboard by Adesso is a smart investment even for the novice of writers? I mean, considering that the Mac computers have always had tightly positioned keyboards, the position of a person's hands over the keyboard so the right index fingers sits directly over the letter "J", and the left index finger over the "F" does create a slight strain on the wrist. I have the keyboard at work sitting totally opposite to the slant which the optional raising and lowever of the hind stands allow. Whoeve thought it would look nice to have a keyboard slanting so that the keys are in perfect view never gave ergonomics a chance, that's for sure. So, I raise the front of the keyboard (the side where the space bar is allocated) higher than the back side of the keyboard (where the row of numbers sit). This makes for a more natural hand position. Try it. It takes some getting use to, but it's as ergonomic as you can get without spending forty plus dollars on a "patented" idea. My only regret is that the volume buttons, the USB port, and the command button are obviously PC designed.

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