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Lucia y el sexo (2001)

I had started to TiVo serials/sitcoms like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and 30 Rock so that I could watch them on Saturdays like today instead of watching Saturday night live. I stopped watching Studio 60 becuz the story just wasn't going my way. I still watch 30 Rock from time to time, but I don't record it. Sex and Lucia has been showing on the indy channels lately (either Sundance or Independent Film Channel) and I've been meaning to sit through it, just haven't recorded it anymore. Today I found myself channel surfing, and managed to catch this movie from start to finish.

This film is rated R with lotsa nudity. Perhaps it is the nudity that makes all the difference when my evaluation for a film is scrutinized. This film will also appeal to straight women as far as the nudity factors in, if not more so. I decided to record this movie half way through, as I was hesitant to replay some of the scenes containing captions I couldn't quite read fast enough. Plus, the plot is really entangled in some seriously dark issues concerning love. The business about the man's current manuscript for another novel, his daughter, and her porn star mother are subjects I just can't grasp and deserve a second viewing. Perhaps I have difficulty separating the reality with the imagined, the actual from the fiction.

Because the description of the movie, as provided by DirecTV, my cable service, gives the impression that Lucia learns of the death of her long time bf and tries to cope by retreating to an island where she meets two people who have former connections with him, I don't think I'll be giving anything away if I express my opinion about the ending. What I mean is, the movie's been released since 2001; if you haven't seen it yet, you probably won't see it, ever. In any case, this is a film that any spoiler couldn't possibly ruin for the viewer because the plot is so morbid that everyone who watches it is sure to hold their own opinions about the situations. My fav character is Elena, a woman who has ceased letting herself cry for reasons which still remain a mystery to me. Perhaps a woman's perspective would clear that up for me. When she reunites with the father of her little girl, they hug in the middle of the road. It's a classic scene because they each must first acknowledge one another from their own automobiles, pull over, climb out and walk toward one another. Once they embrace, her one night stand of an old flame breaks down in tears.

Normally, I would say, tears are contagious like yawning. Whenever I see a woman cry, you can bet I'll probably start shedding a tear too. I don't think it`s the same for women, however, and men who cry is a sign of weakness (for women). The close up of Elena baring her shoulder for her one time lover to cry on as he asks forgiveness for something I'm not clear about, shows a hardened expression. This scene totally pulled me to Elena's side, whereas the movie is all about Lucia. That's the tragic ending that I subscribe to in this film, Lorenzo and Lucia are depicted as the perfect couple, but Elena can't hold back the tears which she claims she no longer has. She breaks down in unison with Lorenzo's grief, in Lorenzo's arms, the most repressed sorrow anybody ever knew. They are tears of Isabella, metaphorically speaking, that relinquish the only resolution a plot like this should have, a Romeo & Juliet ending.


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