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You know, I was gonna label this entry FUCK, but I thought, nahh. I don't know how to condense my day into a nutshell. Lessee, I went to see a movie. It was called "Once". A musical from Ireland, or somewhere. I got so depressed from the movie, before I got home, I stopped by GOOD. Keyword GOOD. There's a cool restaurant that closes at 11pm on Sunset called Good Microbrewerly something or another. I went there. They have really good food. I had the fish 'n chips. Dirty Dick's Fish 'n chips to be precise. I don't know why I'm plugging this.

Anyway, I got there at 5pm. The atmosphere was so homey, after I had my meal, I just kept goint down the list of beer until I got to EKU28. JEESUS. you don't know how hard this is for me to type, I'm still feekling a lil tipsy. Anyway, I gotta work tomorrow and the clock says it's 1:23am. Personally, that's a magic number for me.

To make a long story short, the bar is rally narrow at GOOD and there's only space for three people. Since I got there first, I guess I had the best stool, but a forth person arrived, who took the stook just off to the side of the bar. There he met a beautiful El Salvadorian blond. Amazing. While he went to pee, I managed to learn that she was a transplant to L.A. bla blah, blah. At the end, at 11:00pm, I was still too fucking drunk to drive, so I hung out. I tried to spark a conversation with the couple who were also lingering. They actually gave me the impression that he was married and having an affair with a lounge lizard female. Apparently I was wrong, because when I tried to make casual conversation with them, he was apprehensive, and she was actually being reasonably talkative. They ended up driving off togehter (in her car, I guess), and I just lingered in the pkg lot smoking. I heard noise coming down the block and THANKFULLY found a dance club opened until 3am.

I don't know why I humour myself this way. I mean, I'm more than confident that I could've driven home, but I don't give a shit if I'm out `til 1 or 2am killing time until I sober up. As long as I'm not mugged, I'm fine. Then again, you hafta wonder what the definition of "mug" really means. It's a Friday nite and theres a house load of kids grooving to music, and I'm in a state of mind that everyone else wishes they were in. It's obvious, when you see the dancers klinging to their drinks that they wish they were as tipsy as I was. But I'm just killing time till I can drive home. I'm not grooving, I'm not dancing, I'm just happily checking out the chicks dancing with each other, wishing I was dancing with them. But I ask myself, WTF, I'm not interested in any ol' disco duck. I'm devoted to…

To make a long story short, I make it home and it's only 1:33p. I gotta wake up for work tomorrow too. Sucks. But I did meet a lovely young lady of about 28 who was venting about going to the library to try to get a membership to use the Internet. However, becuz she's from Ohio, and she's only been in L.A. for about 48 hrs, her application was denied. I kindly mentioned that if I recognized her, I would issue her a visitors card. I think I'm within my rights! Shit.

I hope Izzie doesn't get word of this, though. She's been acting weird lately. I can't even chew gum at work because she'll say "Oh, you're not supposed to chew gum here. Please spit it out." I think it's just too coincincidental that (Izzie) went and changed her facebook dot come profile to something else AFTER I had mentioned her in a previous entry. How paranoid is that! More than me, that's for sure. I took precautions and made a copy of her previous FACEBOOK user picture, since now she doesn't resemble my co-worker at all. What a fucking conspiracy against me. And to think it's all because I still love my high schoo sweet heart who went and got married and had childrens. 14 years of marriage. You'd think she'd get a divorce by now.

Anyway, back at GOOD, while sobering up, because I didn't have my glasses and couldn't see the TV, and the bartender didn't know whether the Dodger's were losing yet again, I managed to see tne ESPN on little league baseball. I saw that WESTERN was kicking ass. I didn't see who they were playing, but I was checking out names of players to see if I recognized anybody. No.

I only mention that because when I spoke to Ana last week, or two weeks ago, she had mentioned her own kid was in little league and going to Florida because their team had won a championship or something. Anyway, I think you all know by now how my life revolves around this person. Until I meet somebody who can erase her, I'm doomed. It makes Angelenos a bit pitiful, since you'd think I'd met somebody else by now. But this dance club next door to GOOD really opened my eyes. As I was leaving, I heard somebody screen (a female voice, no doubt) "Thank you for coming!" Honey, I have not yet become to come.

What are you talking about?

I'm tired, otherwise I could go on. I won't even spell check this crap. I'm home, I need to sleep, I need to wake up at 7am, etc. I think I'll go back some day. The people at the dance club were so friendly, if only just minding their own business and leaving a drunkard like myself be. It's cool to know that, if the restaurant where I've been drinking is closing early, there's always a dance club next door filled with young women dancing with each other becuz men don't really know how to dance, less approach a woman to flirt with. Anyway…


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