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I still find myself returning to DWB to check out the new submissions. I thought it was cool that IF should be up there as a blog created by a "designer". I actually have a concept for a cartoon but I've been procrastinating the painting process until I come up with a better caption. I think I'll go with what I have, I only wish I could have it up with this entry. I like it when my illustrations appear with text. It's just a fantasy thing of mine that my comic strip should appear as a syndicated newspaper strip. Anyway, back to DWB.
(click for illustration)

This is the permalink to the IF entry. As soon as I get a replacement image for the green block graphic of white daisies, I'll see about submitting my own blog. The guidelines seem simple enough.

…so, a couple hours later, I tweak the rough draft and upload it to flickr. Now I just have to figure out how this cartoon has any relevancy to the word MISSING, the IF word for August 3. First thing I think of, which had a major impact on my decision to view this as funny, is the absent mindedness of city officials to post a sign making it illegal to hold bar-b-cue picnics at the park when the city didn't remove any of the stationary hibachi grills. Years ago, I remember going to the park and finding so many people there grilling all kinds of food. It was the friendly experience I ever had, people sharing their chicken and salads. I remember the chicken being a bit under cooked, but the only thing that mattered to me was that I was with my favorite gf.

Now that people cannot have natural fun anywhere anymore, the little critters who live in the park are the only exempt life forms that will be allow to do whatever the hell they want. Everybody else who falls under the jurisdiction of the "law" are left to wank off at their 'puters.

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