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Here's how I know my computer is already out dated

How do wars begin? People with more power than they can handle feel it's a given to spread lies. I still have my evaluation report that was handed to me filled with blatant lies authored by the WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST, who currently holds a position at a library on Beverly Blvd. (I would name names, but I don't want to lose my job! In the meantime, I will set out to prove how wars start by spreading lies and making them official as if they were fact only to be pending fraudulent when substantial evidence is brought to surface.

I was accused of downloading programs through the Internet. A list of various websites was provided to my bosses boss in an effort to retaliate from my accusation of slave labor taking place under her management. It being the first unsatisfactory evaluation I ever got in the eight or nine years I've been working in the library, I didn't know the process of revoking the evaluation by bringing it to the attention of my union rep within the two week period. So, my union said it was too bad I didn't bring this to their attention, but it's no longer possible to grieve the situation.

It's obvious lies within government happen on a regular basis for the sake of saving one's job. The checks and balances of this country's government system doesn't know how to correct this corruption because political representatives of the people are elected to office because they hold the same ideals as the people who voted for them. In other words, because people lie on their resumé, job application, etc, so too must government officials lie to save their necks. Thank god I'm not a public figure. A friend holding a higher ranking job at the central library than myself told me how easy the promotional exams are. "A person can answer almost anything on the scantron because management just wants experienced clerks." Lies. I took that exam, finished it with more than enough time to spare, and still flunked it. 8-(

What about the war? When I saw the film The Da Vinci code, I remember people exiting the theater claiming that they were totally lost. I'm sure the same effect will occur when the new Sony production of Angels & demons is released to local theaters. I wasn't so lost on the plot as I was bored. I had bored myself senseless reading books about the Knights Templar and medieval history before anybody even considered making these films. I'm sure they wouldn't have been made, too, had America not been attacked by terrorists on the 11th of September 2001. Back in 1999, it seemed the whole world was anxious about the y2k bug, and here I am trying to figure out why my computer doesn't display properly the special character symbol for a CODA.

� &#coda; &coda; &#1d10c;

This is the main symbol that is behind the conspiracy of the secret societies which Dan Borwn's movies characterize as the antagonist. Hmm, I wonder why my computer doesn't display this character. Obviously, I'll need to upgrade my OS yet again, which will inevitably mean expanding my RAM or simply buying a new PC altogether. I guess I will never rest until my previous supervisor, the wicked witch of the west, rescinds her opinion about the accusations of download programs using office computers. Otherwise, it's simply her word against mine because, after all, there is no hard evidence (because it isn't true). The famous last words I recall her voicing over the telephone just before the terrorist struck the twin towers, "Aguirre".

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