Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Mercedes-benz TV ad

The kind of TV commercials that are irrelevant to their product are not just whimsical, they're down right scandalous. Sitting thru one, zombie-like, only makes me want to instant replay it to figure out what the merchant is selling. Take the one about the library blond girl for Mercedes-benz in which 83% of the dialog could be for almost anything else but automobiles. Nobody thinks that a gal like the blond in this ad would be so happy driving around town in her new car that she parks at the first available parking space feeling really hungry and enters a building without regard to anything else other than what she's craving food-wise. People see the first half of this commercial and think it's going to be for shampoo, fast food, or mind altering drugs. You know, the institutional TV ads for describing the similarities of skulls and eggs, and hallucinogens with fried eggs. I'm not a big Mercedes fan, though I wouldn't mind driving one, but this commercial really made me smile because of the library setting.

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