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This is based on what I've seen from the trailer and the positive feedback I've heard so far. Page looks phenomenal and transcendent. She's really moving up in the industry. But Keener, wow. Her subtle insanity and faux sweetness are so creepy and terrifying, she could possibly go on to win. Anyone agree?
  • LVMIZI082
    The do look amazing but all these award shows seem to be very political and many extremely talented actors go unnoticed.
  • JJ_J22
    yeahh i think that both keener and page are going to get alot of nominations! theere performance looks brillant! they are going to do justice to the sylvia likens case... rest in peace sylvia!
    I thought they were both brilliant in the film and definitely worthy of a nomination. In my personal opinion, Page was amazing. If I could give out an Oscar, I would give it to her for her portrayal of Sylvia.
      I thought they were both brilliant in the film and definitely worthy of a nomination. In my personal opinion, Page was amazing. If I could give out an Oscar, I would give it to her for her portrayal of Sylvia.
    Duh, that's why they took the roles.
    I love CK. I think she is the most underrated actress in Hollywood.

    Here's hoping she gets a nomination at least.

      At least she got a nom for Capote. That movie was freaking terrible, she was the only thing worth watching in it. I'm actually looking forward to seeing Jeremy Sumpter in this. I can't seem to shake the "Peter Pan" image from him. He grew up nicely, and I say that in the least pedo way possible.
      Tell me you don't love me.
      I don't love you
      You're a liar.
    I think this movie is oscar worthy.

    She's addicted to what Angel's dick did.

      I don't think this film will sit well with the older academy members.
      I also would not like Page to get a nom for this film. Maybe something else later...but not for playing a pathetic victimized girl.

      I hope that they are not humanizing Keener's character either. She was in bad need of intervention for her mental illness.

    Sylvia was victimized, indeed. But I cannot fathom how you could use and adjective like "pathetic" to describe her. Good grief.

    And why would playing a victim exclude someone from Oscar consideration? Page did a wonderful job in my opinion. I do hope she is considered.

  • BRITTP80
    There is already talk of Page stealing "Smart People" which miramax has talked about positioning for the Oscars, so if not this then hopefully that?

    When does American Crime come out?

      What we've heard so far for a release of AAC is August.
  • SHANNON_86
    It's all up to the pr people for the movie to spread the word, especially if it's not expected to be huge.
      I hope that this movie means more to people than just Oscar nominations.

      It is based on a real person who died needlessly and in a horribly tragic way over a period of time.
      If anything,it should get a wide release so that it can reach as many people as possible. I fear that a small limited release to the indie/arthouse type theaters would only be preaching to the converted(and I could be wrong about that). The message of preventing child abuse , hopefully, will not get lost in any PR campaigning and media coverage that this film will receive.

      I just worry that the people who really need to see it,will not.

        In my opinion, both Page and Keener deserve nominations. Of course, I haven't seen many of the oscar-baity movies released this year, and I don't know if they will be topped by any particular preformances later in the year, but they definitely deserve a nomination.

        But, the chances of them actually being nominated are small, sadly. Though Keener has gathered some buzz for her preformance, Page is being virtually ignored (buzz-wise) even though she was just as amazing as Keener.

        (If Page doesn't win a oscar by the time she's 30, I'll start my own damn academy)

        Though, I'm sure that oscars aren't really on their minds. They're probably just hoping they did a justifiable job portraying their characters. If their goal was to embody Gertrude and Sylvia, then they definitely achieved it.

        ^^I agree with you about the statement you just made about Ellen Page. I can't believe they ignored her for 'Hardy Candy' and 'Mouth to Mouth'.
      • GOBET
        I hadn't seen Ellen Page in anything else before An American Crime but she was just heartbreaking here. Catherine Keener is one of my favourite actresses but even so, I wasn't quite prepared for the power and violence of her terrifying performance in this movie. She blew me away and will almost certainly be giving me a few nightmares. I think this type of film is much too dark and disturbing to get Oscar attention though.
People have compared Keener in An American Crime to Theron in Monster. So if you think about that, Keener DOES have a chance at a nomination.

If I had to say why it won't get any noms, then I'd have to stick to lack of exposure. I don't think it'll get much attention (which is a shame, since both preformances were amazing.)

But hey, you never know.

Not that it matters greatly, but when jumping from one page to the next in a single threaded topic (on IMDB) it's hard to figure out whether the top thread of subsequent pages are in reply replying to the last message in the previous page of the message board. These clips were for an upcoming movie release containing Catherine Keener called An American crime
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