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New Orleans

Pondering the subject w/ a friend by phone, I began to see a revelation about all the commotion that is taking place in Louisiana and Mississippi. Now I feel guilt, don`t get me wrong about the previous entry made here. But I do have a dark side… That said, my employer has ties with the Red Cross who seeks volunteers to help out in the recovery effort there and I submitted my request to be relocated for the 9-day, 12-hour/day work period. The whole time I felt the conviction to do my part in submitting my interest to go, I thought of Richard Haxton who mentioned being from Mississippi and, though I haven`t seen him, am wondering if all is OK with him and his loved ones there.

Duh, I know to take a toothbrush and grooming set and change of underwear, but I don`t expect there to be any way possible to do anything other than sleep at night and wake up to another day of general labor. I haven`t been notified, so chances are I won`t have to go. But the name New Orleans seems like an effort on the part of the French to create a pig-latin interpretation of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Do you see it too? That`s the revelation for what it`s worth. Long live the queen.

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