Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

The sun is getting brighter

This'll probably be the fastest composed entry on lj I've made. My laptop batt. is low and I'm too lazy to plug in (don't want to miss the inspiration of the moment). So, my appointment with a counselor was set. I met her yesterday and she seems to be nice and professional. The good news is I didn't have a heartattack reliving all those years which have affected me life. I don't know what I should say next session. I got a phone call from my x?

I basically told her, in a nutshell, what I told my counselor. I wish it could've been done in person. So much is gained in conversation when there is eye contact, rather on the telephone. I don't know why. That sounds like a good question to stump the social worker. Ok, I'm hitting the showers. I want to make up time from yesterday by coming in early. Plus, I wanna come in early enough to make myself a latté. I think I saw brownies sitting on the table yesterday. Thank you so much, Andrea. The brownies are a hit and there's even been a few requests for adding a secret ingredient. Shhhh. Mums the word, okay?


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