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Bier de Stone

Flavor of the year

Plans were foiled left and right. I wanted a bookbinding lesson, food from the Lotus Festival for lunch, do some shopping for groceries, visit my parents for a family bar-b-que, pick up some cat food (not for me) and nothing worked out. Bookbinding may or may not commence in late fall, the family gathered to celebrate Dad's b-day was abruptly halted by my unwillingness to participate… I didn't tell you? God, where've I been? I called my `lil sis on the phone about a week and and half ago to ask if she knew any people that might get me in touch with Ana. And I made a specticle of myself. It would've been nice to console with other family about how I still feel about her, but I just feel like they'll say "Stupid!"

I had cereal for lunch, I had cheerios with a banana for dinner, and I'm still trying to read as fast as I can Ten days in the hills as I have books on my counter just sitting there, and other books in transit for me. One good thing is that there weren't any loud fireworks sounding through the windows like yesterday's 9:00pm extravaganza. I've been pondering all day what on earth I'm supposed to say to a therapist. It would be easier just to pour my soul out to him and have a heart attack right there. Peace. I'm ending the day with a nice bowl of Butter Pecan ice cream from Thriftys. I use to only eat Rocky Road, but now, me thinks my tongue has discovered a new favorite sensation for the remainder of summer.


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