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Light readings

I know , I know. We’re all waiting for my @tmtwngm entry. Ya,righ.~

This is my creativity problem. Just when I’m (supposedly) ready to put all the notes gathered from extensive research together, I pick up a new hobby.


Sounds like pen whore, but whatever a pee Ed n whore might be, my new pinhole camera hobby has nothing to do with whores… I don’t think.

Enjoy some digital exposures taken off pinhole camera exposures for light Reading. I downloaded an app called pinhole meter.

I’m using ISO 400 film. I have a shaky hand. Most daylight exposures seem to give a light reading of less than a second. So I don’t know what is going to come out after I get the film processed. If I do anything right, the next time I upload photos, they’ll be analog.

f 1.6 1/1949s 3024x3024 9MP

f 1.6 1/4292s 3024x3024 9MP

f 1.6 1/3401s 3024x3024 9MP

f 1.6 1/4831s 3024x3024 9MP


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