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Status on the new pinhole camera

Zero Image sold me on their teak wood dual format 35mm pinhole camera. Installing film for the first time is a challenge. Just when I thought I had everything working and started talking some exposures, I got as far as 5 or 6 shots before the film ripped.

I blame the empty wind up spool. First of all, I wasn’t satisfied on how the lid didn’t close flush against the body as when the camera has no film loaded. I ended up sending down the spools with a
Dremel power tool.

Anyway, attempts to fix the problem proved futile and in the course of finding a different kind of wind-up spool, I have misplaced both the used up portion of the negative film, and the unused 35mm strip of film remaining.

The good the is I think I have my next roll of 35mm film loaded properly. The bad news is, the photos I took were probably underexposed anyway. Probably will be using the unexposed 35mm roll as an empty spool once I horny thru the entire bag of spools I picked up for something like $30.

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